Learning the Music

Teachers offering private lessons or workshops:

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Private instruction - read music and/or learn by ear

Private music lessons at Hex Hollow Music in Barto, PA --- new, beginner, intermediate, or advanced - any instrument - welcome to bring a recording and learn the music you want to learn - also teach song-writing - 30 yrs experience

* instruments available: rent-to-own & expert repairs only for students

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Private instruction - Bodhran (drum)

Individual and Group Lessons offered for beginners and experienced players.

Beginners learn:

  • How to hold a bodhran
  • How to use a tipper
  • Skin hand technique
  • Tipper hand technique
  • Introduction to different rhythm patterns

Experienced Players Learn:

  • Advanced tipper use
  • Varying tipper techniques
  • Advanced tone changes
  • Accents and subtleties
  • Advanced rhythm stylings

Visit YouTube to see the teacher in action. Use search key words "Corey Purcell Bodhran"

Contact Corey Purcell for more info:
phone 610-295-4555
email vacoreye(at)gmail.com

Private instruction - Bodhran (drum), Harp & Guitar

Private music lessons at IAANWJ in Rockaway, NJ, available with Richard Sutton (Bodhran) and Iris Nevins (Guitar and Harp).

Please email irisnevins(at)verizon.net for further info.

Beginners' Irish tune-learning session in Easton:

- posted by Terry Hartzell -- on-going session: September thru May

We have formed a small group of adults who want to learn Irish dance tunes (jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, etc.) that are often played in area sessions. It meets 1-4pm on the third Saturday of every month from September thru May, except no meeting in March.

To provide some structure, we select a popular session tune that is easy to learn, then slowly go through the tune phrase-by-phrase with the goal of nearly memorizing the basic melody by the end of the meeting. We may follow with a slow session as our list of tunes grows.

If you learn by ear, you will do fine. Reading music is helpful but not required. An audio recording device will be helpful.

Please understand that this tune-learning session cannot take the place of regular lessons with a tutor.

Please email us at terry(at)terryhartzell(dot)com if you are interested. It will be helpful to know what instrument(s) you will play.